Kristen and Barry Lynn

Kristen and Barry Lynn
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Friday, October 21, 2011

I lose everything....

   I do, I lose everything.
Things current on my lost list:
1. Truck title
2. 4 complete sets of house keys
3. D.L.'s lost count
4. S.S. Cards lost count
5. Whole un-opened packs of cigarettes who knows..
6. Opened packs of cigarettes hundreds at least
7. Lighters  same as opened packs of cigs.
8. Complete set of brand new screw drivers
9.  Brand new Harley Davidson boots
10. Debit Cards 3 this year
11. Prescription bottles with pills still in them...countless.
12. Dog wormer just bought 4 pills
13. 1 tube horse wormer box in bag w/dog wormers
14. Several left or right shoes, flip flops, and sandals just one though.
15  Wedding rings
16. Cords to almost everything that has to be recharged because I      have to hide them from my dog and grandson because they chew them up.
17. Large coffee can running over with silver change...didn't lose       penny coffee can.
     Now I am sire there is more on my lost list and I will think of it later because that's another thing I do, I forget everything also. Which is why coffee can was left for last because I don't remember if I put it up somewhere or if  someone decided they wanted it more than me. I can't imagine them being able to get it out without my seeing them. But hey I know some pretty slick people. I am sick about this last one really, it's my start shopping for Christmas money it holds quite a bit of change. I save it all summer. I thought it was in my closet but I could have moved it to keep my grandson out of it, but I don't remember. And if I did I can't find it. Where would you put a large coffee can anyway except in the top of the closet which it is not. I am extremely irritated by this.

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